Ministry Overview

Steps in Faith and Grace


A strengthened and cohesive Body of Christ interconnected across families, congregations, denominations, nations and cultures.


Love; with Respect for God, Others and Self


Create a culture through discipleship and fellowship, which facilitates the development and manifestation of God’s individual and collective purpose for the members of the Body of Christ.

The Vision for theWalk was given April of 2011 and was birthed out of the seeking of the founder’s ministry and purpose in God.

The initial vision for the ministry is to cater primarily to the established Body of Christ, through teaching and fellowship, see a brief testimony of the experience.

Initially, a few things were made very clear to the founder and these are now core and immovable features of the ministry.

  • Be Relevant
  • Be Versatile
  • Be Ordered
  • Be United

Ministry Structure

Through a series of teachings given directly by the Lord, a system and structure were given which encompass the principles which Jesus taught on the subject. This system is based on balancing individual empowerment, servant leadership, humility and more importantly the Words of Christ.

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Ministry Structure