Ministry Structure


Groups / Layers serve the area(s) directly above them. Groups support those who depend upon them, authority flows up. Authoritative priority will be higher at lower levels of the structure and will proceed up from the bottom tier. By this, we acknowledge and emphasize the servant leadership paradigm which Jesus taught. In this system of governance, Jesus is the foundation.
Matthew 23:11, 1 Corinthians 3:11


Groups are accountable for every layer beside them. With this, we utilize the Jewish discipleship and study practice of Jesus’ day, where persons were encouraged to grow together in small intimate groups or ‘haverim’.
Luke 10:1


Decisions made from those at lower levels of the structure will be focused at providing benefit to those who reside at the top tiers of the structure, so that beneficial priority for decisions made will proceed down from the top. By this we emphasis Jesus’ evangelistic focus where the physician comes to the sick and not those who are well.
Mark 2:17

System Details


Critical to the system’s success is the requirement to see everyone as a part of God’s image, at all levels it must be observed that the image of God the Father is embedded within all. We must take this into consideration and regularly obtain input from all levels of the system, especially the top and bottom layers. To signify this commonality between the components of the body, the red line from the layer of Jesus Christ our redeemer reaches all persons in the system, in which the Spirit of God dwells.

1 Corinthians 12:4-13

Foundation (Jesus)

Jesus (the Word of God) is the foundation, upon which the ministry is to be built. He is to have ultimate authority of this His Body and from where He resides His authority and nature flows to the entire body through the Holy Spirit on which we are all dependant. As with any foundation or cornerstone, the weight and the stability of the entire structure rely upon Him.

1 Corinthians 3:11, Matthew 7:24-27

Mission and Vision

The Mission and Vision given by Christ are to govern the activities and focus of the ministry. The main activity of the visionary is to ensure that the mission and vision are accomplished and that it stays true to what was originally given. The ability to fulfil the task given is heavily based upon these two elements, this power is often referred to as the anointing of a ministry, and is based entirely on the purpose of the ministry.

The Working Layer / Core team

The Working layer comprised of the Core Team, the Visionary Team and the Senior Counsel, will focus on fulfilling the criteria for the mission and vision of the ministry.  The Core Team will focus on the Mission, the Senior Counsel will focus on the Vision, and the Visionary Team will facilitate them while focusing on oversight and balance.