Prayer is paramount in all aspects of human life, it is our way to access the many facets of God.

We will explore what prayer is and what it accomplishes when we as children stand before the Father and what it accomplished when we as ambassadors and princes in the earth stand before His throne. We will explore answers to prayer, why some answers may be hastened while other’s prolonged, why spending the time to know the will of God is so critical and how our purposes in God ties into all this. We will explore the courts of heaven and continue to collectively study to reveal the biblical truths of prayer to increase our understanding and effectiveness.

Court First [CF] Prayer System

The Court First Prayer System is an undertaking based on scripture, the study and experiences of a number of ministers of the Gospel surrounding the purpose and effectiveness of prayer and other cultures and their specific modes of prayer. With the strategies and methods obtained from these sources, we will together seek to develop and utilize a systematic approach which incorporates the full spectrum of the fivefold ministry and their respective giftings, as we not only use prayer to enhance our relationships with God but to establish His will in the earth.

Prayer Chain

Join our goal to establish a global prayer network and ensure that a consistent united representation of the Ecclesia is heard in the heavens concerning specific areas affecting the Body of Christ.

Prayer Requests

In need of prayer, make you request via the form on this link if you are a member please login.