A Path Chosen

We mentioned earlier, while looking at the components of walking that following the desire for action (which we associated with love), we then determine how best to achieve the activity that love energised.

It is the paths we take that define who we are, it speaks directly to our character, intelligence, abilities and possessions, whether spiritual, natural or nurtured. These combined elements that determine our choices is what we believe the Bible refers to as glory. Let’s take a closer look at glory and its role in determining how love is expressed in our relationships.


Glory is one of the most profound of topics and is a major focus of the scriptures, in the Hebrew tongue, the word is Kavod. This word means heavy or weight, but depending on the context in which it is used has worn many hats, so to speak. See some uses of glory in a few scripture verses below:

  • Several times glory refers to or is paralleled with battle armaments (military weapons or equipment)
    • In Psalm 3:3 – glory is a shield.
    • In Job 29:20 – glory is a bow.
    • In Psalm 24:8 it refers to battle.
  • But the same word in its first appearances doesn’t speak of armament or battle.
    • Genesis 31:1 – glory speaks of wealth
    • Genesis 45:13 – glory speaks of reputation
    • Matthew 6:29 – glory speaks of Solomons wealth and the beauty of the lilies of the field.

So we have a bit of a problem it would seem; what does weight or heaviness have to do with protection, battle, weapons, wealth, reputation and beauty?

I want to propose that glory then speaks to the more significant (weighty, heavy) identifying or manifested attributes of an entity.

Relating to the scriptures mentioned above:

  • Battle – In times of war, God’s glory is sought after and expressed as protection, one of the critical elements of love if we might recall from the previous article in this series.
  • Wealth – Relating to Genesis 31:1 Jacob’s wealth was a significant part of his identity and therefore was referred to as apart of his glory.
  • Reputation – Joseph asked his brothers to return and tell his father of all the power and status he acquired in Egypt. Again, it is so significant that it is associated with his glory.
  • Beauty – Jesus expressed, that the lily of the field’s beauty is more splendid than the beauty that Solomon could create, even with all his wealth.

From these passages, it can be seen that God, men and even the plants have glory; we further would suggest that all things have glory.

It is the level of glory (personal value, treasure) we ascribe to a specific thing that determines how much of our glory (personal value, treasure) we will give to obtain or defend it, whether it be for our sakes or the sake of another; this speaks directly to love’s expression through glory.

Your glory

So we now have an understanding of glory, but now I ask, what is your glory? What identifies you? What controls you and determines how far you will go to provide and or protect the things you desire? What things are you willing and not willing to do?

What would you do to acquire $1,000?
What would you do to acquire $1,000,000?
What would you do to provide for or protect your child, a parent, a loved one?
What would you give to show your devotion to God?

Our glory affects every single thing we do and continually routes the path upon which we travel.
Our glory is our moral standards, our religious beliefs, our education, our wealth, our reputation, our appearance, and every other thing that is attributed to us in any way. In turn, these things determine how we approach every task that is before us and how others interact with us as we are driven by love or lust.

Our Glory and Faith

Our glory is heavily affected by our past experiences, our future expectations, our gods (the powers we trust in), and those to whom we are gods (who trust in us). One thing is certain; God desires that all our glory come from the same source, from Him our YHWH; all our ability to provide and protect, our sense of morality and character, wealth, beauty, reputation and all other things, He wishes for us to find definition and expression from within Him.

Again this topic is significant, and we will be posting a separate series along with several individual articles concerning glory.

In the following discussion, we will look at moving along the path our glory has chosen by faith.

God Bless!

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