Staying the Course of Love

Change is certain, and each step we take toward the desire of our hearts causes us to reassess not only our primary desire or focus but also the path and faith needed to proceed and inform our next steps; each present location is dependent on the last and informs the next. This process of constant repetition and dependence gives rise to another major topic of scripture that is interwoven throughout the Bible, this topic is “Cycles and Seasons”.

Love and its components affect our glory, glory and what we ascribe glory to affects our faith, faith is expressed through movement dependent on our hope and fears, and movement brings new things into our scope, each presenting new possible sources of desire; ultimately each step causes us to re-evaluate the love attributed to the things we desire and how best to express that love, determining what our next steps would be. With all this constant shifting, what is constant in your life?

Cycles and Seasons

There are lots of references to seasons in scripture, and the concept of cycles continuing across generations is a very common occurrence, so common I would say it’s fundamental to the biblical story presented. I want to first ask that we take a look at what was revealed to me by my Teacher as the necessary cycles of love expressed through time and then finally show yet another unique revelation concerning Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, as we consider the components of the seasons and cycles of love.

Faith, Glory, Love and Time

All the other aspects mentioned before, love, glory and faith, heavily impact the cycles and seasons of our life. To see these elements work together to produce movement and how they work together in an ongoing cycle, it may be best to display the relationship in a diagram. The diagram below shows the constant recalibration carried out with each step we take. The below chart developed for this purpose is simply called “Reaccessing Love” (sorry for not being more creative with the name).

Our faith is heavily dependent upon 4 general influences of focus, two based on what we presently trust in and how we express our love and the other two based on our past and future expected expressions of love. Based on this revelation, another definition of faith is the trust or lack of trust, in one’s ability to love us. See the diagram below for clarity.

Through a constant assessment based on our present circumstances/experiences, we inevitably shift who we focus our efforts upon to provide and protect and who we will trust to provide and protect us. It follows that all living things capable of love are at all times:

  1. Redefining their level of faith in those they interact with and their environment
  2. Redefining their glory with each experience, adding or taking from them
  3. Reprioritize their actions to provide and protect based on their interactions with others and their environments.
  4. Reprioritize their actions to provide and protect based on the faith they have in their own ability

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