Matthew 5:5 – Whose Name are you establishing?

Scripture: Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Are you meek Andre?

I believe I am sometimes.

Then by your answer, you are sometimes My Father’s child.

I tell you that you are meek. You are by nature not one to run to the spotlight. Recognise that the spotlight is God’s, it is Mine, it is My Father’s. He deserves all the praise, you do not take for yourself what belongs to God, it makes you a thief.

Be meek, be humble, exalt the Name of Our Father, be His child and come into your inheritance.

Are we willing to go only where He leads or are we seeking to chart our own paths, to create our own legacies?

Everyone knows Abraham’s name, is it because he was so willing to give up his name for the sake of God’s?

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