In previous articles concerning our walk, we looked into love being the desire to move, glory providing the direction or path upon which we travel. Now we look at actual movement along that chosen path. Love does not serve its purpose as misdirected or extinguished desire/energy, but of necessary significance, love doesn’t exist unless expressed.

Our premise is that movement and momentum, whether forward or backwards along the determined route is determined by our faith.

Again we will ask the simple questions. What is faith? Why do we believe that love moves us along our chosen paths to our desires?


If there were a scriptural definition for faith, it would arguably be Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

When dissecting this verse, we see that essentially they are two components necessary for faith; faith is:

  • the substance of things hoped for
  • the evidence of things not seen

The substance of things hoped for

When first studying this verse, I was stunned to see that faith wasn’t necessarily presented as positive. That may seem like a strange thing to say but is hope positive or negative? Is it possible to hope for good outcomes only? Or is it possible also to hope for negative outcomes? The Greek word used in this passage for hope is elpizó (strong 1679), which is translated hope or expect. If “expect” is used instead of hope, does it become clearer? Would we disagree that it is possible to expect good or bad outcomes? If this is acceptable, then is faith, which is the substance of things hoped for, positive or negative?

On this basis, we asserted that faith moves us both forward or backwards; based simply on what we have faith in. To complete this thought, both hope and fear are components of faith. This concept took some getting use to and uprooted many concepts that I at the time stood upon, the main one being that I squarely opposed faith with fear, now I know to oppose fear with hope.

The evidence of things not seen



Fear being an expression of faith for some may be a new concept and in all honesty, maybe a little difficult to accept, but for me, it surely cleared up a lot of issues which I had with coming to grips that the Lord spoke so often of fearing Him. I tried my best to think of this fear as the reverential fear that is sometimes referred to, but that understanding was not consistent and so that this brought peace to me in this respect.

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