The Painter

Our life, like any great masterpiece, begins on a clean canvas.

  • The brush is our spirit and body it is our very soul.
  • The paint is our life, with all its many colours and shades.
  • The water is Jesus Christ.
  • The Artist is God Almighty.

The properties of the components and the rules surrounding them:

  • The paint will run dry, and we will die. Paint damages the brush because it hardens the bristles.
  • The brush, if not washed often, will cease to paint the colours intended as colours start to mix. Unrestrained life corrupts.
  • The water is soothing and always available for use. There is no chance of a successful painting without it. It is needed to clean and protect the brush from the paint (life). The water is made dirty by our lives so that we might be cleansed.
  • But the Artist does a peculiar thing and asks with each stroke of the brush, “Brush what next?” Should I wash you? Should I choose a colour and continue?

How simple is it to paint the picture God intended?

The way I see it is to choose wash, paint, wash, paint, wash. For this is not as complicated as we would have it seem, God said to seek His will and not our own, for surely the brush does not know the picture being painted and without washing often the canvas will simple be a smudged, smutty colour of entangled colours. Never then will the brush be able to look at a nearly completed picture and see the purpose of it, if it were only that smutty mixture of colours on that perfectly white canvas. We may not have control over the picture we paint but we do have control over how it turns out and whether it has any significant value to the Artist in the end.

Our fragile souls and the abuse of life.

How easy is it for the brush to be corrupted by the paint? To be hardened till thrashing and chastening is required? Why is it that our hearts desire bright colours and the intoxicating aromas of life? Clearly, it is God’s purpose for us to be a tool to be utilized by Him, to do His bidding and to glorify Him bringing Him pleasure by our life. We, however, make one incredibly sufficient mistake in that we say and mean when we say “This is my life!”. It is clearly not our life, God is the Artist, He decides what we paint and what colours we use, all we decide is what we dip/get ourselves into, ultimately He decides when our painting is complete. What’s on your canvas? Can you tell?

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