Matthew 5:3 – Does God get the glory or do you?

Scripture: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Do you have a poor spirit?  
Who gets the glory from your being noticeably poor in spirit?  
Do I get the glory or do you?  
So that persons know by whom you have been changed and to whom you belong, continuously say audibly, who has changed you.

I have been changed by the love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This was my first conversation with Jesus surrounding a scripture in this way and it wasn’t recorded in as much detail as subsequent writings since I simply wasn’t prepared for it, it was raw, personal and real. Instead of recording, I spent more time during these initial conversations taken back and considering, the questions asked and the way I was being communicated with.

I fully expected to have explained what poor in spirit meant and what the kingdom of heaven truly was, instead, He is concerned about the condition of my heart, as it relates to the scripture and it was personal. I always thrived on being thought of as a “good” person, someone quiet, dependable, kind, generous, but here in our first conversation He was telling me that’s not enough, I needed to ensure that I was doing these not to be thought well of, but to have people think well of the One who made me like this.

Friends, He, Jesus Christ, is most concerned about the condition of our hearts, He is most concerned about us attributing to the Father what He has given. In doing these, it causes us to be the vessels of honour He has created us to be, bringing peace to every part of our lives and glory to His Name.

It is good that we do what is good, but ensure that God gets the glory from our good deeds and He will see to our increase.

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