Matthew 5:4 – What do you mourn? Are you mourning what God mourns?

Scripture: Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Do you mourn?  What do you mourn over?

If you walk with Me for whatever you mourn you will be comforted.

Do you mourn your past life in the world?  

Do you mourn your fellow man’s loss?

Do you care that you are watching them die?

Do you mourn the fact that thousands die and never hear the name of Jesus?

Do you mourn because many who hear never come to the understanding of the kingdom of heaven?

How do I mourn Lord?

I will cultivate in you a heart that cares, I will fill you with My love, with My Father’s love will you be filled, with My Father’s Spirit will you be comforted, by My sacrifice you and they for whom you mourn will be totally saved.

We only mourn those things we love.  What are you mourning?

Do we truly have a longing for the things God cares for?

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